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Product Line - Architech

Our ArchiTech Series cones are made from genuine DuPont Kevlar® fiber, which is an exceptional choice for high performance woofers. Its incredible strength enables low distortion music reproduction, while its lightness provides great detail and musicality. And it is amazingly durable for long life and environmental stability. Kevlar® is 5 times as strong as steel of the same weight.

These unique properties have enabled Kevlar® to become a favorite material for applications as varied as bullet-proof vests, automotive parts, ropes for the Mars Pathfinder mission - and for the ArchiTech Series - cones for superb woofers.

The ArchiTech Series is an excellent choice for custom installation applications where high quality music reproduction is required and rugged construction is appreciated. The Lifetime Limited Warranty is one indication of just how robust this family of loudspeakers really is.

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