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Pro-Wire Insulators

Pro-Wire Insulators - Detail Red Pro-Wire Insulators - Detail Green Pro-Wire Insulators - Detail Blue

Pro-Wire Insulators - Receiver Detail
Standard CEA Colors represented on the back of a
7.1 Audio Video Receiver


Lifetime Limited Warranty

CEDIA and RoHS Logos

Product Line - Pro-Wire


For Modular Components

Use Insulators to Color Code your  Modular Components
in Consumer  Electronic Association Colors (see color list below) 
or in standard white, ivory and almond. 

All insulators come in bags of 6

 CEA Colors
INS-W Insulator Color - White Left Front
INS-R Insulator Color - Red Front Right / (RGB)
INS-GR Insulator Color - Green Front Center / (RGB)
INS-BL Insulator Color - Blue Surround Left (RGB)
INS-G Insulator Color - Gray Surround Right
INS-P Insulator Color - Purple Subwoofer
INS-BR Insulator Color - Brown Surround Rear Left
INS-T Insulator Color - Tan Surround Rear Right
INS-O Insulator Color - Orange Digital
INS-Y Insulator Color - Yellow Composite Video
INS-B Insulator Color - Black Common

 White, Ivory, Almond
Ivory & Almond are designed to match your own personal Decora Plates
INS-W Insulator Color - White Left Front
INS-I Insulator Color - Ivory  
INS-A Insulator Color - Almond