Pro-Wire Jack Plate - IW-3R1FG

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

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Product Line - Pro-Wire


RCA & "F" Combo Jack Plates

3 RCA Jacks Plus 1 "F" Jack

3 RCA Jacks Plus 1 "F" Jack. Combination Plates, gold plated, with COAX & RCA jacks

All steel "Decorator" style plate with GOLD  Plated jacks. For left (BLACK) and right (RED) line level audio and composite video.  Plus 1 RF (CO-AX) cable or antenna line.

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Model Number: IW-3R1FG - RCA & "F" Combo Jack Plates
Pre-Made / In-Stock Available Colors:
Pro-Wire Jack Plate  - Available Colors w i White and Ivory (i)

or similar shielded type co-ax cable. Refer to qualified technician if in doubt as to specific
wiring diagrams  for various installations.
WARNING: Improper wiring may damage electronic components!


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