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Pro-Wire Jack Plate - IW-8BG

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

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Product Line - Pro-Wire


Flush Fit Banana Jacks

4 Pair Banana Jacks

4 Pair Banana Jacks. Gold plated deluxe Banana Jacks accept standard banana plugs, quick connect backs. All steel "Decorator" style plate with GOLD Plated jacks.

2 red & 2 black jacks (1 pair). Will accept standard Banana plug for (high) speaker level signals.  Plugs are sold separately. 

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Model Number: IW-8BG - Flush Fit Banana Jacks
Pre-Made / In-Stock Available Colors:
Pro-Wire Jack Plate  - Available Colors White, Ivory (i) & Almond (a)

minimum 18 gauge CL rated. Use 16 or 14 gauge for longer runs. Wiring may be
soldered or attached via spade lugs. Refer to qualified technician if in doubt as to
specific wiring diagrams for various installations. WARNING: Improper wiring may
damage electronic components!


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