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IW-SYS3 Front

OEM Built-In Audio System Drives 8 Pairs of Speakers
The newly announced IW-SYS3 multiroom audio system from OEM Systems is designed to provide installers and their clients an affordable way to tap into the potential of whole-house entertainment.

by Robert Archer
IW-SYS3 Quote - Very Affordable
IW-SYS3 Detail OEM Systems has been manufacturing
audio products for more than 30 years, and the company’s latest product is the multi-zone
IW-SYS3 audio system.
These days when people think of whole-house audio, most likely, behovercause of the growing popularity of wireless technologies, they tend to think about wireless systems first. The Reno, Nev.-based audio company OEM Systems wants to remind installers and consumers there is more to whole-house audio than wireless. Not only are traditional, wired systems available, they are also affordable.

The company’s new IW-SYS3 solution is engineered to provide homeowners with a whole-house solution that is cost friendly and capable of providing whole-house entertainment.

“Once you get used to having clean, clear music throughout your home, managed by your fingertips, you want it in every home you ever own. The SYS3 makes it super easy to enjoy AM-talk radio, your fave FM station, your prized compact discs or any other music source at the touch of a button,” states Tony Gable, founder, OEM Systems. “You can also stream music to the Audio Center from any mobile device via the optional docking station and snap-in Bluetooth receiver. The SYS3 is the most affordable whole-house audio center in the market. With a suggested retail of $400. It’s today’s best whole-house musical value.”

Some of the features built into the IW-SYS3 include:
  • AM/FM tuner (30 AM and 30 FM presets)
  • AM/FM seek function
  • Zone B paging
  • CD player
  • Remote control
  • Front-mounted USB port
  • Adjustable LCD display with LED backlighting

In addition, OEM Systems supports the IW-SYS3 with products like its MS-D1 docking station that plugs into the system’s Aux input, as well as the company’s MS-B1 Bluetooth receiver that snaps into the dock to allow users to stream content from their smart devices wirelessly. Other accessories include OEM Systems’ IWM-2RGRG dual RCA input wall plate that is designed to fit into a single gangbox location.

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