Box Buddy Mounting Ring - MR-1

Box Buddy Mounting Ring - MR-1 Diagram


Lifetime Limited Warranty

Lifetime Limited Warranty

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Combination Speaker Locator

& Single Gang Mounting Ring

Box Buddy® low voltage mounting rings are designed for positioning low voltage devices next to 110 VAC electrical boxes with standard NEC spacing so that the combined 110 and low voltage device(s) may be covered with one multi-gang coverplate for an elegant appearance. The Box Buddy® uses a patent pending pull-off alignment tool that makes combined installation and alignment of 110 VAC and low voltage devices simple and quick. Box Buddy® low voltage mounting rings feature conduit flanges off-set by 5/8" which enable unobtrusive use of conduit connectors.

Combination Speaker Locator & Single Gang Mounting Ring
The MR-1 is a combination speaker locator – mud ring. It utilizes a
unique group of features making it very useful & cost effective.
Made from ABS flame retardant plastic, UL 94V-0 compliant
See diagram - Notice the score line between the two sets of mounting holes.
When used as a speaker locator, fastened to a truss, ceiling joist or wall
stud (member), it should be positioned such that the score is aligned with
the edge of the member so it may easily “snapped” off at such time a speaker
is to be mounted.
After the sheetrock, but before a speaker is mounted, the small opening
is covered by the MR-CVR. The MR-CVR has the aesthetically acceptable
look of an electrical box cover waiting for a light or ceiling fixture.
Once the mud-rings are snapped off for speaker installations, the remaining
piece should be salvaged and used for volume control or keypad locations.
Sold and shipped individually


MR-CVR - Cover Plate - Thumb

  Round Metal Cover Plate
for the MR-1

Dimensions: 6-1/2" W x 3-15/16" H x 7/8" D, (165W x 100H x 22D)mm
Cut Out: 2-1/4" W x 3-9/16" H
Shipping Weight: N/A
Net Weight:  N/A