Pro-Wire Jack Plate - IW-4RG

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

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Product Line - Pro-Wire


RCA Jack Plates

4 Gold Plated RCA Jacks

4 RCA Jacks (2 red & 2 black insulators).  RCA Jacks gold plated deluxe, Solder Connect Backs. All steel "Decorator" style plate with GOLD Plated jacks.

Gold plated deluxe, Solder Connect Backs

For left (BLACK) and right (RED) line level audio and composite video (YELLOW).

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Model Number: IW-4RG - RCA Jack Plates
Pre-Made / In-Stock Available Colors:
Pro-Wire Jack Plate  - Available Colors w i White and Ivory (i)

or similar shielded type co-ax cable. Refer to technician if in doubt.
WARNING: Improper wiring may damage electronic components!


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