Pro-Wire Jack Plate - IWM-2RG

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

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Product Line - Pro-Wire


RCA Jack Plates

2 Gold Plated RCA Jacks with 2 Rear-Mounted "F" Jacks (Coaxial Type)

Inlet / Outlet Jack for Line-level Signals Solderless. Durable Metal Plate Construction
2-front mounted RCA Jacks (left, right) with rear-mounted "F" Type COAX connectors. Gold
Plated surfaces assure long life and freedom from corrosion.

Gold plated - Premium SOLDERLESS "F" style Backs

1 red, 1 black RCA JACK with "F" type COAX backs for "line level" audio and video signals. 
F-connector accepts both RG-59 and RG-6 coaxial cables with attached F-connectors. For solderless connection.

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Model Number: IWM-2RG - RCA Jack Plates
Pre-Made / In-Stock Available Colors:
Pro-Wire Jack Plate - Special Colors w i laPro-Wire Jack Plate - Special ColorsWhite, Ivory (i), Almond (a), Black (bk), Brown (bn) & Gray (g)

or similar shielded type co-ax cable. Refer to technician if in doubt.
WARNING: Improper wiring may damage electronic components!


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